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Legislative Affairs in Washington state

Key Terms

The Washington State Legislature is a bicameral body that convenes annually.

bicameral (adj) having two branches or chambers.

Washington is divided into 49 legislative districts, with one (1) state Senator and (2) state Representatives elected in each district (49 Senators and 98 Representatives). (leg.wa.gov/LIC/Documents/EducationAndInformation/)

Legislative sessions

Legislative sessions are defined by the biennium or the two-year period in which bills are considered... 

biennium (noun) a specified period of two years.

2021 A long session. A budget year. 105 days.

2022 A short session. An off year; not a budget year. A supplemental budget year. 

2023 A long session. A budget year. 105 days.

General Human Resources (HR) bills. Some bills are bills introduced from the previous years. In a long session, in the new year, we start with a brand new numbering system. Everything that has a 1,000 to 4,000, 4999 is going to be a House Bill. Everything up to 5,000 to 7,000, 7999 is going to be a Senate Bill. Joint resolutions are 8,000. These remain in place for the next two years then everything starts over again. 2021 are new numbers i.e., be mindful of online research with bill numbers.

Bills that have passed the Legislature

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